Bertrand GOALOU

Artiste Plasticien Voyageur (Globe-trotting Artist) Manila - Philippines

Fascinated with cultural diversity, Bertrand Goalou travels the world with his sketchbook to capture everyday scenes and turns them into paintings.

Bertrand GOALOU is a French globe-trotting artist (‘artiste peintre plasticien voyageur’) born in 1975.

CONTACT ME (Instagram @bertrandgoalou and e-mail for new (crazy) projects, collaborations, suggestions, artwork commissions, feedback and observations... and art discussions. I always welcome new opportunities and take every occasion to collaborate, exchange and grow as an artist.

Fascinated with cultural diversity, Bertrand GOALOU is a French painter who travels the world with his sketchbook, captures everyday moments and turn them into vibrant paintings when back to his studio. His main focus is on people, their living environment, unexpected encounters, and the intensity of colors. Painting has always been part of him and his identity. Natural-born observer and talented creator, painting is a natural medium for Bertrand GOALOU to share instant impressions and moments spent out there, capturing the 'light’ received from people, streets, and places. He naturally adopted a unique approach which goes by walking around in new environments, sharing moments with people, drawing a few colored lines, remembering all feelings, colors, smells, faces, and unexpected details, and –ultimately- capturing all of those in new paintings. This approach was used for most of the paintings he created over the past 25 years. His unique style reflects a variety of new techniques which combine figuration with abstraction, and mixed media.

Bertrand GOALOU is also an Urban Planner and a Senior Urban Transport Specialist. As a professional, he supports sustainable urban transport solutions in developing countries.

"In the past 25 years, I have been lucky enough to see my collections of paintings exhibited in France (various cities, including in the iconic city of Pont-Aven in Bretagne, my home region in France) and in Africa (Nigeria, Cabo Verde, Congo, Niger) in solo exhibitions. Each of them translated into unique moments, all about sharing and engaging with people, meeting with all generations, with peers and very often having a chance to create jointly with them. I particularly enjoyed these moments around all the exhibitions I did in Africa.

I see myself as a globetrotting artist. The unique approach I developed surely comes from the passion I have for the beauty of people, the rhapsody of the streets, the vibrancy of cities, and all the places I visited in more than 60 countries on all continents, including more than 40 developing countries. All of my artworks were made while traveling and after these travels. This is how I find inspiration, from these drawings and moments. This is also certainly why I like to exhibit some travel drawings together with my paintings, as a great combination of instant street drawings and studio paintings.

Today and as I keep traveling and (re)discovering new regions in the world, I am very excited about sharing on my INSTAGRAM (@bertrandgoalou since 2020) and on my ONLINE GALLERY (, created in 2015). Posting new artworks as they come out and share them with art lovers, collectors, friends and followers."

"Colors can chage the world. Together, we are becoming culturally mixed." Bertrand GOALOU

Established in Manila since 2010, Bertrand Goalou’s work was exhibited in France (Besancon, Bordeaux, Brest, Clermont-Ferrand, Lorient, Rennes, and Pont-Aven), Nigeria (Lagos), Niger (Niamey), Cabo Verde (Praia), and Democratic Republic of Congo (Kinshasa). Temporary and permanent on-line exhibitions since 2015. On Instagram since 2020 @bertrandgoalou.



First Place, All Colors Art Competition 2018, Contemporary Art Galery Online – US (“All Colors Art” 2018 Exhibition) [link]


Special Recognition Award for Exceptional Art 2015, Light Space and Time Art Gallery – US (‘Sea Scape’ 2015 Art Exhibition) [link]


Honor Certificate (Certificat d’agreement), Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports of Niger (‘The most advanced and accomplished modern art collection ever produced on my country’)



Solo (includes collaborations), 2022 Art and Travels sensations - Multicountry, Bertrandgoalougallery - Online Exhibition,, Worldwide(Web)

Mar-April 2021

Solo, 'Lagos Street', Mike Adenuga Center (Alliance Francaise de Lagos) - Lagos, Nigeria


Solo, #virtualtravels #travelingfromhome, Bertrandgoalougallery - Online Exhibition,, Worldwide(Web)


Solo, Urban Mobility 2020 Series, Bertrandgoalougallery - Online Exhibition,, Worldwide(Web)


Solo, Live Exhibition, Bertrandgoalougallery - Permanent Online Exhibition,, Worldwide(Web)

Sep 2018

Group, All Colors Art 2018 Exhibition, CAGO Art Gallery - Online Exhibition, US – Miami (First Place Winner)

Sep 2015

Group, ‘Sea Scapes' 2015 Art Exhibition, CAGO Art Gallery - Online Exhibition, US – Miami (Special Recognition Award)

May-June 2008

Group, Haskan Ku, votre lumière, Bordeaux Métropole, France - France

Feb 2005

Solo, Haskan Ku, votre lumière, French Cultural Center – Halle de la Gombé - Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (Exhibition and Artiste en résidence à Kinshasa)

Nov 2004

Group, Biennale du Carnet de Voyage, Polydome - Clermont-Ferrand, France

June-Sep 2004

Group, Jaune Sable, Galerie du Bois d’Amour, Pont Aven - Pont-Aven, France

Nov 2003

solo, Hakan Ku, Votre Lumiere, Besancon, France - Besancon, France

May 2002

Solo, Haskan Ku, Votre Lumiere, Les Médiathèques de Brest - Brest, France

Sep 2001

Solo, Haskan Ku, Votre Lumiere, Mairie de Lanester - Lorient, France

Mar 2001

Solo, Haskan Ku, Votre Lumiere, French Cultural Center - Praia, Cabo Verde (Exhibition and Artist en residence a Praia)

Jun 2000

Solo, Haskan Ku au bord du fleuve Niger (installation/happening), Fleuve Niger - Niamey, Niger (Installation/Happening)

Mar 2000

Group, Haskan Ku, Votre Lumiere, 30st Anniversary of AIF - Niamey, Niger (30st Anniversary of Agence Intergouvernementale de la Francophonie (AIF))

Jan 2000

Solo, Haskan Ku, votre lumière, Franconigerien Cultural Center (Jean Rouch) - Niamey, Niger

Dec 1999

Solo, Haskan Ku, votre lumière, La Fontaine - Niamey, Niger

Nov 1998

Group, Haskan Ku, votre lumière, Festival Interntional de Mode Africaine (FIMA) - Tigidit, Niger (Air)


Group, Various themes, Multiple venues, galeries - Rennes, France (Group exhibitions, Wall Painting (interior), Cultural Events, Happenings, Charity and Fund Raising)